3Doodler Start Learning packs, Refill, 1200pcs, 8SPLFILLED

3Doodler Start Learning packs, Refill, 1200pcs, 8SPLFILLED

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3Doodler Start educational kit
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3Doodler Start Learning packs, Refill
3Doodler Start Learning packs, Refill, Eco, 2.5mm, 1200 pieces, 8 colors
Product code: 8SPLFILLED

3Doodler Start Zestaw edukacyjny, Filamenty
Spare filaments for 3Doodler are an obligatory element to ensure the continuous satisfaction with the 3D pen and the fun it guarantees to its owners. The set includes 1200 pieces of additional ECO cartridges, 150 cartridges of each color:
  • Simply White
  • Aqua Mint
  • Lemon Zest
  • Tangerine Tang
  • Ocean Blue
  • Cherry Red
  • Spring Green
  • Koala Gray

3Doodler Start Zestaw edukacyjny, Filamenty
3Doodler is one of those fantastic ideas that seem so obvious in retrospect that it is hard to believe that they are only now being implemented.
The idea is simple: the 3Doodler Start pen draws with a heated ECO-refill, which makes it possible to building 3D objects in the same way as a 3D printer, but without creating computer models.
Using the 3Doodler Start pen is incredibly simple. To start creative play, just put the selected color of the ECO-refill in the guide and after a while your child can start creating. The only limitation is your own ingenuity.

3Doodler Start Zestaw edukacyjny, Filamenty
Designed with teachers, for your classroom
An all-in-one tool designed to easily integrate 3D creation into your classroom, for less than the cost of a 3D printer. Our latest EDU product, redesigned with teachers, for fun and inclusive learning.
Adapt to any curriculum or lesson plan
Students learn by doing, and explore the principles of art and design, STEM, spatial awareness, tactile skills and more, in a fun and engaging way. A versatile addition to any classroom.
Completely kid-safe
Perfect for ages 6 to 13, the award-winning 3Doodler Start pen extrudes plastic that hardens instantly. The pen has no hot parts, and uses non-toxic, BPA-free, biodegradable 3Doodler Start plastic.
Award-winning and educationally recognized
Kokoa Standard Certificate of High Education Quality, RNIB approved, National Parenting Product Award, Scholastic Parent&Child GOLD STAR TOY Award, and Toy Insider STEM 10, and more.



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