3Doodler Start Learning packs, 6x 3D pen, 8SPSHALFED

3Doodler Start Learning packs, 6x 3D pen, 8SPSHALFED

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3Doodler Start educational kit
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3Doodler Start Learning packs
3Doodler Start Learning packs, 6 pieces of 3D printing pens with accesories
Product code: 8SPSHALFED

3Doodler Start Zestaw edukacyjny
Designed with teachers, for your classroom
An all-in-one tool designed to easily integrate 3D creation into your classroom, for less than the cost of a 3D printer. Our latest EDU product, redesigned with teachers, for fun and inclusive learning.
Adapt to any curriculum or lesson plan
Students learn by doing, and explore the principles of art and design, STEM, spatial awareness, tactile skills and more, in a fun and engaging way. A versatile addition to any classroom.
Completely kid-safe
Perfect for ages 6 to 13, the award-winning 3Doodler Start pen extrudes plastic that hardens instantly. The pen has no hot parts, and uses non-toxic, BPA-free, biodegradable 3Doodler Start plastic.
Award-winning and educationally recognized
Kokoa Standard Certificate of High Education Quality, RNIB approved, National Parenting Product Award, Scholastic Parent&Child GOLD STAR TOY Award, and Toy Insider STEM 10, and more.

3Doodler Start Zestaw edukacyjny
Teacher’s Kit
  • x1 Teacher’s Checklist
  • x1 3Doodler Poster
  • x1 Welcome Note
  • x2 Lesson Plans
  • x1 Cheatsheet
  • x1 Instruction Manual
  • x1 EDU Booklet
  • x1 Start Activity Guide
  • x1 DoodleBlock™ Guide
  • x2 Unblocking Tools
  • x1 Troubleshooting Guide
Student Kit x2
  • x3 3Doodler Start Pens
  • x3 USB Cables
  • x6 DoodleBlocks™
  • x3 Start DoodlePads™
Plastic Kit
  • x600 strands of plastic (8 colors in 75-strand groups)

3Doodler Start Zestaw edukacyjny
Characteristics of the 3Doodler Start pen
  • As a tactile learning toy, the 3Doodler Start inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding
  • The 3Doodler Start pen is designed with no hot parts and uses low heat BPA-free, non-toxic plastic, so it’s completely safe for kids aged 6+
  • ECO-plastic for 3Doodler Start are made of safe, non-toxic, BPA-free and completely biodegradable materials
  • The melted ECO-plastic that comes out of the 3Doodler Start is warm, but not hot, so when ejected the child can safely shape it with his hands
  • ECO-plastic hardens rapidly allowing kids to literally draw in the air with only one speed and one temperature
  • When fully charged, 3Doodler Start will work wirelessly for 45-60 minutes, but you can still use it when it is connected to the power supply

3Doodler Start Zestaw edukacyjny
How does 3Doodler Start work?
  • Pen nozzle - The plastic coming out of the pen hardens after a few seconds, giving you time to shape it to perfection
  • LEDs - Red: Cartridge heating, Green: Pen ready for use, Yellow: Pen connected to charging
  • Micro USB port - Place for power connection
  • Cartridge ejection button - Click once to start, click a second time to stop advancing the cartridge. A quick double click will make the cartridge retract. It takes 10-15 seconds for the new cartridge to warm up, then you can start drawing in 3D
  • Pen Start Button - Slide the button to turn the pen on or off. Wait 1 minute for the pen to heat up
  • Place to insert the refill - Choose a color and insert the refill in the pen, press down until you feel resistance

3Doodler Start Zestaw edukacyjny
Technical data
  • ECO-plastics diameter: 2.5mm
  • ECO-plastics length: 15cm
  • Length of a single ECO-plastic after remelting: 150cm
  • US, EU, CA and AU/NZ toy safety standards compliant
  • ECO-plastic strands are RoHS (EU), LHAMA and Toxicological Risk Assessment (US) compliant
  • Package dimensions: 346x206x200mm
  • Package weight: 3320g
  • Dedicated to play with 3Doodler Start
  • ECO-plastics in the set are not compatible with 3Doodler v. PRO+, PRO, Create Plus, Create, 2.0 and 1.0

3Doodler Start Zestaw edukacyjny
Compatible filaments
  • 3Doodler Start (ECO)

Incompatible filaments
  • 3Doodler Create (ABS, PLA and FLEXY)

Original 3Doodler filaments guarantee failure-free operation of the device. Damage caused by the use of poor-quality substitutes may void the warranty.



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